Finally, FSB2019 has received a total of 230 PARTICIPANTS to join the event. Please find the list below.

SN Abstract ID Name Participation Type
1 FSB2019-BE-05 Mr. Ahmad Fazley Rabby Presenting Author
2 FSB2019-AQ-04 Mrs. Kazi Atiah Taiyebi Presenting Author
3 FSB2019-WQP-13 Prof. Dr. Harunur Rashid Presenting Author
4 FSB2019-BT-03 Prof. Dr. Md. Samsul Alam Presenting Author
5 FSB2019-DIS-07 Mr. Md Ashikur Arhman Corresp. Author
6 FSB2019-CC-05, Pst-33 Dr. Md. Shariful Islam Presenting Author
7 FSB2019-WQP-01 Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Mansur Presenting Author
8 FSB2019-DIS-06 Mrs. Rukaiya Afroz Presenting Author
9 FSB2019-DIS-05 Mrs. Nawshin Farjana Presenting Author
10 FSB2019-Pst-67 Mr. Al-Amin Presenting Author
11 FSB2019-AQ-12 Mr. Abul Bashar Presenting Author
12 FSB2019-MAN-06 Mr. Najmus Sakib Khan Presenting Author
13 FSB2019‐WQP‐11 Dr. Mohammad Shamsur Rahman Presenting Author
14 FSB2019-AQ-11 Mr. Md. Abul Kashem Presenting Author
15 FSB2019‐CC‐02 Dr. Sabuj Kanti Mazumder Presenting Author
16 FSB2019‐DIS‐01 Mrs. Ishrat Zahan Anka Corresp. Author
17 FSB2019‐BT‐06 Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam Presenting Author
18 FSB2019‐BE‐10 Mr. Maliha Khanom Presenting Author
19 FSB2019‐Pst‐41 Mr. Md Farid Uz Zaman Presenting Author
20 FSB2019‐Pst‐19 Mr. Jung Jae Kim Presenting Author
21 FSB2019-CC-01 Mr. Md. Asikur Rahaman Rahat Presenting Author
22 FSB2019‐Pst‐03, Pst‐28 Mr. Mohammad Motiur Rahman Corresp. Author
23 FSB2019-Pst-29 Dr. A S M Tanbirul Haque Presenting Author
24 FSB2019‐Pst‐29 Mr. Md. Amirul Islam Corresp. Author
25 FSB2019‐PHF‐11 Mrs. Jasmin Akter Jarin Presenting Author
26 FSB2019-MAN-19 Dr. Ferdous Ahamed Presenting Author
27 FSB2019-Pst-51 Mr. Turabur Rahman Presenting Author
28 FSB2019‐MAN‐01 Mr. Md Mamun Presenting Author
29 FSB2019‐MAN‐02 Mr. Ji Yoon Kim Presenting Author
30 FSB2019-Pst-90 Mr. Macksood Alam Khan Presenting Author
31 SPONSOR Md. Abdul Kadir Tarafder Sharnalata Agro
32 FSB2019-AQ-02 Mr. Md. Umor Khoiam Presenting Author
33 FSB2019‐PHF‐16 Mr. Md. Badrul Islam Presenting Author
34 FSB2019‐Pst‐46 Mr. Md. Hamidur Rahman Presenting Author
35 FSB2019‐MAN‐08, BT-05 Dr. Ehsanul Karim Presenting Author
36 General Attendance Mr. Bhakta Supratim Sarker General Attend.
37 General Attendance Dr. Shafiqur Rahman General Attend.
38 FSB2019‐WQP‐17 Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Presenting Author
39 FSB2019-PHF-15 Mrs. Nadia Nusrat Presenting Author
40 FSB2019‐AQ‐14 Mr. Parvez Chowdhury Presenting Author
41 FSB2019-BE-06 Dr. Binay Kumar Chakraborty Presenting Author
42 FSB2019‐MAN‐15 Mr. Md. Shariful islam Presenting Author
43 FSB2019‐AQ‐06 Dr. Khan Kamal Uddin Ahmed Corresp. Author
44 FSB2019‐Pst‐04 Mr. Md. Atick Chowdhury Presenting Author
45 FSB2019-Pst-42 Mr. Md. Mahamudul Hassan Presenting Author
46 FSB2019-Pst-42 Mrs. Shamima Yeasmin Dipu Presenting Author
47 FSB2019-BT-06 Mrs. Bushratul Jannat Presenting Author
48 FSB2019‐AQ‐03 Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Khan Presenting Author
49 FSB2019-PHF-13 Mrs. Taposhi Mariam Presenting Author
50 General Attendance Mr. Md. Ashraful islam General Attend.
51 FSB2019‐BE‐08 Mr. Md Ariful Islam Presenting Author
52 FSB2019‐WQP‐14 Mrs. Maria Binta Safa Presenting Author
53 FSB2019‐WQP‐16 Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman Presenting Author
54 FBS2019-BT-09 Mr. Mohammad Rafiqur Rahman Presenting Author
55 FSB2019‐PHF‐09 Prof. Dr. KHM Nazmul Hussain Nazir Presenting Author
56 FSB2019-Pst-90 Mr. Md. Abdullah Al-Mamun Corresp. Author
57 FSB2019-WQP-02 Mrs. Sanjida Afrin Semme Presenting Author
58 FSB2019-PHF-12 Mr. Ripon Sarker Presenting Author
59 FSB2019-BT-07 Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Sarder Presenting Author
60 ICFSB – 20 Prof. Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam Presenting Author
61 FSB2019‐BT‐08 Mr. Md. Arif Hossain Presenting Author
62 FSB2019‐Pst‐43 Mrs. Al-Minan Noor Presenting Author
63 FSB2019‐HF‐02, PHF-01, 14, WQP-10 Prof. Dr. Shikha Fatema Hoque Presenting Author
64 FSB2019‐Pst‐76 Prof. Dr. Md. Ismail Hossain Presenting Author
65 FSB2019‐PHF‐17 Mrs. Subrina Khatun Presenting Author
66 FSB2019-Pst-87 Prof. Dr. Gias Uddin Ahmed Corresp. Author
67 FSB2019-Pst-89 Mr. Md. Monjurul Hasan Presenting Author
68 General Attendance Mr. Md. Istiaque Haidar General Attend.
69 FSB2019-Pst-89 Mr. Md. Mehedi Hasan Pramanik Corresp. Author
70 FSB2019-Pst-09 Mrs. Zubyda Mushtari Nadia Presenting Author
71 FSB2019-HF-03, Pst-73, Pst-08, Mr. Prosun Roy Presenting Author
72 FSB2019‐DIS‐09 Mr. K. M. Abdul Halim Corresp. Author
73 FSB2019‐DIS‐10 Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Mahamud Presenting Author
74 FSB2019-PHF-08 Dr. Muhammad Mehedi Hasan Presenting Author
75 FSB2019-Pst-78 Mr. Abdullah An Nur Presenting Author
76 FSB2019‐CC‐08 Mr. Md. Golam Azom Presenting Author
77 General Attendance Mr. Shanur Jahedul Hasan General Attend.
78 FSB2019-BE-09 Prof. Dr. Saleha Khan Presenting Author
79 FSB2019‐BE‐01 Mr. Md. Ariful Islam Presenting Author
80 FSB2019-Pst-31 Mr. Fouzia Siddiqua Ema Presenting Author
81 FSB2019-CC-09 Mrs. Nusrat Easmin Presenting Author
82 FSB2019‐BT‐10 Prof. Dr. Rowshan Ara Begum Corresp. Author
83 FSB2019-BT-02 Mrs. Ummey Kulsum Presenting Author
84 FSB2019-Pst-07 Mr. Monayem Hussain Presenting Author
85 FSB2019-Pst-32 Mrs. Tanushree Gain Presenting Author
86 FSB2019‐Pst‐23 Mr. Md. Mehedy Hasan Presenting Author
87 FSB2019‐BT‐10 Mrs. Moumita Chakraborty Presenting Author
88 General Attendance Dr. Md. Latiful Islam General Attend.
89 FSB2019-DIS-0 Mrs. Kamrun Naher Azad Presenting Author
90 FSB2019-Pst-49 Mr. Md. Sarower-E-Mahfuj Presenting Author
91 FSB2019-Pst-34 Mrs. Sabrina Jannat Mitu Presenting Author
92 FSB2019-HF-01 Kaisir Mohammad Moinul Hasan Presenting Author
93 FSB 2019-DIS-02 Prof. Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman Presenting Author
94 FSB2019‐PHF‐06 Dr. Md. Mohibbullah Presenting Author
95 FSB2019‐DIS‐03, Pst‐68  Mr. Rakib Ehsan Presenting Author
96 FSB2019‐BE‐02 Mr. Sulav Indra Paul Presenting Author
97 FSB2019-Pst-06 Mr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Presenting Author
98 FSB2019-HF-07 Mr. Suman Barua Corresp. Author
99 FSB2019-Pst-53 Mr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Presenting Author
100 FSB2019-PHF-03 Mr. Md Mezanur Rahman Presenting Author
101 FSB2019‐ Pst‐ 63, Pst‐ 36 Mr. Md. Ashekur Rahman Presenting Author
102 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Naim Uddin General Attend.
103 FSB2019‐ Pst‐ 77 Mr. Md. Rabiul Hasan Presenting Author
104 General Attendance Mrs. Kaniz Fatema General Attend.
105 FSB2019-PHF-02 Dr. Md. Sazedul Hoque Presenting Author
106 FSB2019‐MAN‐17 Mrs. Sumaya Tanjin Presenting Author
107 FSB2019‐Pst‐79 Mr. Zannatul Mawa Presenting Author
108 General Attendance Dr. Md. Nurul Haider General Attend.
109 FSB2019-MAN-09 Dr. Md. Zulfikar Ali Corresp. Author
110 FSB2019‐HF‐05, Pst‐45 Mr. Md. Ataur Rahman Presenting Author
111 FSB2019‐ Pst‐ 81 Mr. Asma Afroz Chowdhury Presenting Author
112 FSB2019‐Pst‐44 Mr. Farzana Akter Rima Presenting Author
113 FSB2019‐ MAN‐10 Mr. Md. Akhtarul Islam Presenting Author
114 FSB2019-pst-52 Mr. Md. Mohibul Hasan Presenting Author
115 FSB2019-Pst-12 Mr. Koushik Chakroborty Presenting Author
116 FSB2019-Pst-11 Mr. Mauching Marma Presenting Author
117 FSB2019‐ HF‐ 06 Dr. Md. Yeamin Hossain Corresp. Author
118 FSB2019‐PHF‐04 Dr. Md. Tariqul Islam Presenting Author
119 FSB2019‐ Pst‐ 59 Mr. Biplob Kumar Sarkar Presenting Author
120 FSB2019-PST-29 Dr. Md Enaul Hoq Corresp. Author
121 FSB2019‐HF‐09 Dr. A. K. Shakur Ahammad Presenting Author
122 General Attendance Dr. Saleha Jasmine General Attend.
123 FBS2019-Pst-56 Dr. Md. Shamim Parvez Presenting Author
124 FSB2019‐Pst‐10 Mr. MD. Shoebul Islam Presenting Author
125 General Attendance Dr. Abdur Razzaque General Attend.
126 FSB2019‐BE‐01 Prof. Dr. S.M. Rafiquzzaman Corresp. Author
127 FSB2019-BE-03 Mr. Aysha Rahi Noor Presenting Author
128 General Attendance Mr. Md. Mozzammel Hoque General Attend.
129 FSB2019-MAN-04 Mr. Md Jayedul Islam Presenting Author
130 FSB2019‐Pst-13 Mr. Afroza Azad Katha Presenting Author
131 FSB2019‐HF-04 Prof. Dr. Kazi Ahsan Habib Corresp. Author
132 Fsb2019-Pst-50 Ms. Sumaya Mahjabin Moon Presenting Author
133 FSB2019‐BE-07 Mrs. Kazi Sonia Sultana Presenting Author
134 FSB2019‐Pst-26 Mrs. Parsha Shanjana Brishti Presenting Author
135 FSB2019‐AQ-01 Mr. Muslima Akter Lima Presenting Author
136 FSB2019‐Pst-24 Mrs. Shilpi Sarkar Presenting Author
137 FSB2019‐Pst-25 Mrs. Tania Siddiqueki Presenting Author
138 FSB2019‐Pst-70 Mr. Md. Nur Amin Mukul Presenting Author
139 FSB2019‐AQ-09 Prof. Dr. Abdullah-Al Mamun Presenting Author
140 General Attendance Mrs. Najmun Nahar General Attend.
141 FSB-2019-AQ-10 Dr. A. M. Shahabuddin Presenting Author
142 FSB2019-Pst-58 Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Sarker Presenting Author
143 FSB2019-MAN-13 Mr. Sharmin Nesa Bithi Presenting Author
144 General Attendance Mst Khadiza Begum General Attend.
145 FSB 2019-pst-39 Mr. Md. Abdul Monnaf Presenting Author
146 FSB2019‐Pst-15 Mr. Fahmida Sultana Presenting Author
146 General Attendance Dr. Taslima Khanam General Attend.
148 FSB2019‐Pst-38 Dr. Md. Rashedul Kabir Mondol Corresp. Author
149 FSB2019‐AQ-07 Dr. Syed Lutfor Rahman Corresp. Author
150 FSB2019-PHF-12 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tofazzal Hossain Corresp. Author
151 FSB 2019-AQ-13 Mrs. Zannatul Ferdous Corresp. Author
152 FSB2019-AQ-13 Mrs. Alif Layla Bablee Corresp. Author
153 FSB2019‐WQP-08 Mr. Shompa Sarker Presenting Author
154 FSB2019‐Pst-05 Mr. Md. Rajibul Islam Presenting Author
155 FSB2019-AQ-05, AQ-08 Prof. Dr. M. A. Salam Presenting Author
156 FSB2019-MAN-20 Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman Presenting Author
157 FSB2019-MAN-20 Dr. Jubaida Nasreen Akhter Corresp. Author
158 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Fazlul Awal Mollah Corresp. Author
159 FSB2019-Pst-87 Mr. Md. Asek Uddin Presenting Author
160 FSB2019-MAN-18 Prof. Dr. Zoarder Faruque Ahmed Corresp. Author
161 General Attendance Dr. Syeda Nusrat Jahan General Attend.
162 FSB2019-MAN-11, MAN-12, CC-03 Dr. Dinesh Chandra Shaha Presenting Author
163 FSB2019‐Pst-88 Dr. Mohammad Ashraful Alam Presenting Author
164 General Attendance Mrs. Nur-A-Raushon General Attend.
165 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md Idris Miah General Attend.
166 FSB2019-CC-07 Mr. Md Al Emran Presenting Author
167 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Subash Chandra Chakrabarty General Attend.
168 General Attendance Dr. A N M Azizul Islam Khan General Attend.
169 General Attendance Mr. Muhammad Forhad Ali General Attend.
170 SPONSOR Dr. Muhammad Zahirul Islam General Attend.
171 General Attendance Dr. Muhammad Nurul Alam General Attend.
172 General Attendance Mr. Debashis Kumar Mondal General Attend.
173 FSB2019-PHF-11, PHF-15 Prof. Dr. Md. Kamal Corresp.  Author
174 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin General Attend.
175 General Attendance Mr. Mohammad Abu Taher General Attend.
176 FSB2019-WQP-12 Dr. Zinia Rahman Presenting Author
177 FEAB Mr. Mahbub Alam Khan General Attend.
178 General Attendance Dr. Mariom General Attend.
179 General Attendance Dr. Jonaira Rashid General Attend.
180 SPONSOR Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain General Attend.
181 FSB2019‐Pst-02 Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun Presenting Author
182 SPONSOR Mr. Md. Zohurul Islam General Attend.
183 FSB2019-WQP-04 Mr. Md. Fazle Rohani Presenting Author
184 FSB2019‐Pst-46 Mr. Md. Sazzad Hossain Corresp. Author
185 FSB2019-Pst-30 Mr. Md. Mohidul islam Corresp. Author
186 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Amzad Hossain General Attend.
187 FSB2019-Pst-48 Mr. Md. Abdus Samad Presenting Author
188 FSB2019‐WQP-06 Dr. Kizar Ahmed Sumon Corresp. Author
189 FSB2019-Pst-61 Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman Presenting Author
190 FSB2019-BE-11 Mst. Sarmin afroj Presenting Author
191 FSB2019-BE-10 Prof. Dr. Dr. Md. Jasim Uddin General Attend.
192 FSB2019-Pst-62 Mr. Md. Sujon Mia Presenting Author
193 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Mahfuzul Haque General Attend.
194 FSB-2019-BT-04 Dr. AHM Kohinoor Corresp. Author
195 FSB2019-CC-09 Prof. Dr. Md. Sadiqul Islam Corresp. Author
196 FSB2019-AQ-13 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfujul Haque Presenting Author
197 SPONSOR Mr. Kbd. Md. Abdullah Al Helal Solid Feeds Ltd.
198 General Attend- DOF Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman General Attend.
199 FSB2019-HF-10 Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Sarker Presenting Author
200 General Attendance Prof. Dr. MBR Chowdhury General Attend.
201 General Attendance Prof. Dr. AKM Nowsad Alam General Attend.
202 FSB2019-Pst-31 Prof. Dr. Md Shaheed Reza Corresp.  Author
203 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Nahid Sultana Lucky General Attend.
204 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain General Attend.
205 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md Ali Reza Faruk General Attend.
206 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Shahroz Mahen Haque General Attend.
207 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Shahab Uddin General Attend.
208 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Mrityunjoy Kunda General Attend.
209 FSB-Pst-93 Mr. Sadia Zafrin Presenting Author
210 General Attendance Prof. Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam General Attend.
211 Gen. Attend.  DOF Kazi Iqbal Azam Principal Scientific Officer General Attend.
212 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Ramzan Ali, Additional Director General Principal Scientific Officer General Attend.
213 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Aminul Islam, Director General Attend.
214 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Mizanur Rahman, Deputy Director (Field Service) General Attend.
215 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Serajur Rahmen, Project Director General Attend.
216 Gen. Attend.  DOF Dr. Md. Abdul Mojid,  Deputy Director General Attend.
217 Gen. Attend.  DOF Dr. Md. Zillur Rahman, Deputy Director (Aquaculture) General Attend.
218 Gen. Attend.  DOF Harendra Nath Sarker Deputy Director (Reserve) General Attend.
219 Gen. Attend.  DOF Kh, Mahabubul Haque, Deputy Director (Finance &Planning) General Attend.
220 Gen. Attend.  DOF S. M. Md. Mohibullah, Deputy Director (Marine) General Attend.
221 Gen. Attend.  DOF Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Deputy Director & Project Director General Attend.
222 Gen. Attend.  DOF Shamim Ara Begum Deputy Director(Reserve) General Attend.
223 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Sharif Uddin, Principal Scientific Officer General Attend.
224 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Habibur Rahman, Project Director General Attend.
225 Gen. Attend.  DOF Dr. Md. Neyaz Uddin, District Fisheries Officer (Reserve) General Attend.
226 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Zia Haider Chowdhury District Fisheries Officer (Reserve) General Attend.
227 Gen. Attend.  DOF Dr. Abdul Alim Deputy Chief (Marine) General Attend.
228 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Alumuzzam Chowdhury Project Director General Attend.
229 Gen. Attend.  DOF Md. Kamrul Hassan Project Director General Attend.
230 Gen. Attend.  DOF S. M. Moniruzzaman Director, Project Implementation Unit General Attend.