Current status of fisheries resource of India: Present status and future prospective


  • HILAL AHMED University of Kashmir
  • IMTIAZ AHMED University of Kashmir



Fish production, Freshwater, Marine water, India


Indian fisheries sector provides jobs to millions of people and also contribute significantly to the country’s food supply and overall GDP. From the pristine Himalayan streams to the huge Indian Ocean, the country fisheries sector is surrounded by a unique and diverse combination of resources. The country's fisheries encompass a wide variety of physical and biological aspects that support the livelihoods of sizeable population of the country. Recent years have witnessed a considerable development in aquaculture, which might lead to a large increase in fish production of the country. In the present review, our focus is to generate data on fisheries resource of India, by studying the present situation and forecasted changes. To become self-sufficient in fish production as well as to provide surplus to the world, it is necessary to utilize the country's resources extensively. An increase in production might be achieved via the use of more advanced technology, greater planning and strategies. In order to boost output and productivity, it is necessary to understand the different issues faced by farmers and fishermen. Analysis of present conditions and future possibilities would lead to projections on fishing prospects as well as development and improvement of future strategies.


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