About FSB

Fisheries Society of Bangladesh is an organization for all persons possessing a Degree or Diploma in any branch of fishery science or engaged in research and development activities connected with fisheries. The Society is dedicated to general advancement in fisheries education, research and extension programmes and their application to practical problems facing by the nation. Through its publications, meetings, and committees the Society is an energising force in the conservation, development and wise utilization of all aquatic resources. It stimulates interests and promotes research in the field of aquatic biology, genetics, aquaculture, limnology, marine science, fisheries management and fish processing & quality control. In dealing with these and other important issues of public concern, the Society performs a valuable service by disseminating scientific knowledge and technical information by direct contact with the people and through other media. Every two years the Society holds conference of scientists from home and abroad and discuss critical areas in which the members are deeply involved. In addition, each year the Society provides an opportunity for gathering of fisheries workers to learn new application of technology, and to exchange information with fellow professionals. Through mass media, the Society generates among the people an awareness of the nature and causes of malnutrition and the role of the people can play to combat the same. Although not a lobbying organization, the Society does not hesitate to express its opinion on legislation and governmental policies, and to make recommendations to the Government on fishery matters so as to help the Government formulate a national policy on the same commensurate with the hopes and aspirations of the nation.